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Pop Music To Hurt You Forever!

Nuestra escudo es un corazón Cryptic lyrics, colourful melodies and ragged effervescence. When you want these things, The National Pep is here for you.

The band has a fluid membership, based around the core songwriting team of Olsen Bloom (guitar, keyboards, ukulele, mandolin, harmonica, vocals) and Tilt Araiza (vocals, percussion). Tilt writes most of the words and Olsen doesn't.

At the time of writing the band are busy rehearsing for their first live appearances. The band's exciting new line-up will be making limited live appearances from February 2008. See our news page for tour dates.

If that's too long to wait to hear the delights of Pep Pop, the band's first two EPs, Citizen Gomez and Love Punks Want To Make You Cry, are out now. Just head to our CD sales page to buy them. For those of you who use iTunes, we can be downloaded from the iTunes music store from January.

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